Seattle, Washington
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Seattle Community Colleges

Welcome to the Seattle Community Colleges and to the many opportunities we offer students from the Puget Sound region and around the world.

Our colleges reflect the vibrant culture of the community, both in programs and in people. The Seattle Community Colleges have earned a national reputation for innovative curriculum and student services, and our faculty are recognized leaders in their fields. Our student body is the most varied and diverse in the state, with students from every continent, and the district’s workforce is the most diverse among the state’s public institutions of higher education.

You are invite you to explore the tremendous variety of academic and career training programs in our catalog. Our more than 135 career programs are updated to assure that graduates’ skills match the needs of the workplace. More of our students transfer to the state’s baccalaureate colleges and universities than from any other college district in the state. The Seattle Community Colleges also offer opportunities for high school students, for those seeking short-term professional or personal growth, and for those who need basic education.

We look forward to helping you create your future in the belief that education changes everything.

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