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Seattle newspapers are some of the best-respected in the nation.  Ranging from Pulitzer winning to kitschy, journalism in Seattle has made its mark.


Daily Newspapers


The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (PI) are a few of the only major, independently-owned newspapers in the United States.  Unrestricted by the dominant media companies, journalists are free to cover widely-ignored subjects of importance.  Having won numerous Pulitzer Prizes, the Seattle Times’ investigative reporting is particularly respected.  Journalists tackle global, national, and local issues, providing the most significant and relevant news to Seattleites.


The weekday readership of the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI typically exceeds 1.2 million, and the Sunday readership reaches nearly 1.4 million.  Additionally, the newspapers’ websites have a unique audience of over 3 million.  These numbers not only attest to the popularity of the newspapers, but are also evidence of their incredible advertising power.


Weekly Newspapers


A few alternative Seattle newspapers are equally well-known.  The locally-owned Seattle Stranger is a weekly paper directed toward urban readers under 35.  Though typically written with a sense of humor, the Stranger does not hesitate to publicly challenge politicians, laws, or social norms.  Its column “Savage Love,” written by noted author and speaker Dan Savage, intelligently (and hilariously) answers sex questions often considered taboo.  The risqué Seattle newspaper also offers straightforward reviews of local restaurants, musicians, plays, and more, as well as a variety of classified ads.


The Seattle Weekly is another popular newspaper.  Owned by Village Voice Media, it reaches nearly half a million readers every week.  Like the Stranger, the Weekly focuses on issues of local importance, including neighborhood developments, the regional impacts of international conflicts, and up-and-coming bands.  It is also a resource for finding out about new films, restaurants, and entertainment.  Though the Weekly’s content is similar to its rival the Seattle Stranger, it tends to have a less “in your face” tone.


Zines and newsletters can also be found throughout the city.  Whether you are a music fan, food lover, or news junkie, Seattle is bound to have the resource you didn’t even know you needed.


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